Make money from PTC sites

Written on Thursday, July 16, 2009 by J.Allan

Many of us have seen those PTC (paid to click) sites. Payments are tiny for each click, but yet again many internet money makers who wants to make money uses it as a life-line with good earnings from them. Is there a secret they are not telling? Is there a special script they using to rake in the money? No doubt there are programs to cheat these PTC sites but they more often than not will get caught and banned by these PTC sites. It is also illegal, to say the least. But how do we make money when they only pay $0.01 per click? At last, there is a way!

THE SECRET of PTC earnings.

To be able to make a decent income from PTC sites is easy. In fact if you are prepared to put in a very small amount of money as investment in it, you can actually make money as supplementary income if not main income! Many of these sites do go bust after some time but if you are careful you can make some money before they do. Yes, you may even make a few thousands of dollars during that time. Many are quite reputable and has been around a few years and have paid out alot. Some of the better ones are listed below and others are worth taking a serious look into.

How to make money.

Here is one way you can make money, just follow the steps and you will make some decent income.EXAMPLE: Your click worth $0.015 and your referral's click worth $0.01. Purchase or rent 40 referrals to start with and you will get $124.50 a month!

Earnings Example
You click 10 ads per day = $0.15. day = $4.00
Your daily earnings = $4.15
Your weekly earnings = $29.05
Your monthly earnings = $124.50

If you have more referrals, your income can be quite substantial!

Below are some good PTC sites recommended to join because all have been paying out to members for quite some time All are FREE to join but remember if you want to invest, use your earnings from these PTC to purchase referrals.

(1) (recommended, paid out $ thousands)

Join Here

(2) PalmBux (recommended also paid out many thousands of dollars $)

Join Here

Payment proof

(3) (recommended, many ads to click. Paying good money)

Payment proof

4) (recoommended, many ads to click.Pays good)

Payment proof

Any of these will pay you well and so far, they have been paying out very good money for a long time. Why not them all for free and get better earnings!

How to earn weekly cash.

Written on Wednesday, July 01, 2009 by J.Allan

Want to try out a new program that pays you money weekly? It's too early to say if it's a scam site but then again, if they really pays you ans its free, why not give it a try? It cost you nothing, so might as well get some cash first.

Although I find it hard to believe since it is a free program, I register to find out more. What amazes me is unlike others where there are only 4 or maybe 5 ads to click, this one started with 35 ads I can easily click away. You are credited with either 1 credit, if you only need to visit the site, or a full 3 credits if there are adds.After click away, I got almost 145 credits! How much in terms of money I wasn't sure but its sure a lot of credits!Later after maybe 4 hours after my last visit, I went in to check my account, I had another surprise! They put up the same 35 ads again and I am qualified to click again! So I click away of course. Shame I didn't know how much my credits are worth but it was answered the next day.When I logged in, my credits were all transferred into cash points! They have credited $0.35 cents into my account! Now if I can earn $0.35 cents in just a few minutes a day, it can easily add an extra $10 - $15 into my pocket without much effort.

The cash out is $5.50 each week via Paypal.You can register for this amazing site to try out. Just go click HERE to find out more, there is nothing to lose but to earn $10 - $15 for a few minutes of clicking is welcome!Why not click here to quickly join and start making some real quick cash for FREE!

Do you want to be paid to post your comments?
Yes, they pay you to join in to their forums! And you also earn referral fees as well! Since their early launch, as many as 175,000 people has taken up the opportunity to participate. If its legit and FREE, who doesn't want to join?
Two ways of getting paid from them. Either join a discussion or write small review (4 paragraphs) and get paid $2.00! The link to this , click HERE.
Payment via Paypal. To get free Paypal account, click Here.

Make Money Alternatives.

Written on Monday, June 22, 2009 by J.Allan

Make money alternatives for Adsense Banned bloggers. Here is the article I wrote for another of my blog " Make Money$ Blogs No Scams " . If you are banned by Google and looking for another make money alternative, you should read this taken from my other blog.

Adsense is a good source of potential income if you are blogging to make money. Google Adsense has been around a long time and many people make quite a bit of money from their monetization concept. However, Adsense is a heavy weight and the rules are strict when you want to make money in Adsense. Some people dislike the fact that Adsense penalise make money bloggers for innocent click frauds. By this I mean, they are totally unaware that clicks were done on their blogs repeatedly by others. It can be very frustrating especially when you are out to make money and your are banned for click fraud. It may be your first month's money, and it can be a sizable amount. To have it all taken away is such a shame.What can we do then to make money without an account with Adsense? There are alternatives fortunately for you to make money without the king of contextual advertisement. One such alternative is Bidvertiser.More details here Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser . The good thing about how to make money from Bidvertiser is its minimum payout. If you think waiting for the Adsense's minimum $100 is too long, well with Bidvertiser, the minimum is only $10 and via Paypal, so you can have the money in sooner.

How about making more money with Bidvertiser? Easy, once you are a publisher, join up for their referral programs.

Referral publisher earns $10 when a user signs up as a publisher and earns $10. If the same publisher makes $50, you will be credited with $40! How easy can it get? Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser is very easy.

If thats not enough, to make money with your blogs can also be achieved through Advertiser referrals. In this case when a user signs up and spends $10, you will earn $5.00. When the same advertiser spends another $50, you will be credited with $20!. Its that simple.EBay campaigns such as Promote your eBay auctions with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks. are available as text ads for you to copy and paste. They do everything else for you.Wouldn't this be a better alternative? .....

How to make money from nothing.

Written on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by J.Allan

Of course when I started out, I was totally lost as to how or where to begin. Sure I read a fair bit of articles and I sure Google a lot but to actually begin was something else. I bet even at this very moment many of you still haven't got the slightest idea how to start of the journey. To save you valuable time and put you on the right footing, I will tell you what you should take a look at first and not jump to areas where you see big bucks and fould yourself coming back to aquare one. Those pro-bloggers tells you to go here....and But do you know that the "here" and "here" are forbidden zones? I bet you don't. And how many times the "here" and the "here" you click on leads you to a site of their affiliate programs; hoping you will join. Don't get me wrong, it is only right they misguided you. How else can they make the money themselves? They are giving you free advice and the least you can do is to let them have the privilege to make some money. Lets just say its some sort of "donating" to the service. In another part of this blog, you too will learn the tricks of the trade. You need this source of income! It is part of the internet trade.

Lets take a look at the fundamentals of making money online. Most "gurus" suggest you invest in their system. What I say is "drop it!" If you have to start paying money to begin, you are doing it wrong. You know how you have to start from the very bottom of a job, start learning the skills and later advanced to top managerial positions? In th internet home business, you have to do the same. Of course I have learned a few tricks of my own to jump the queue.

The Pay to Click programs.

I must warned you beforehand that there are lots of scams in this area. I am not against it but be duly careful.Some are legit but many are not. I may have included these in my early days but not anymore. The ones that pay, they do pay .......for a pittance! ALL of them have some sort of scheme for upgrading so that the cost of your pay per click is higher, resulting in higher revenues to you. When you advance to a decent level of expertise, you will discard these methods.
So for now, you can indulge in some of them to get a few dollars into your kitty.
Here are some you can try out.

Is one I participated in and gave quite good pocket money. So far they have paid out $40,000 for members and at any one time there will be 1500+ members online clicking away.

You can find out more HERE at their site or here at PALMBUX.

These sites also pays and depending whether you want pay-to-click or just get paid for writing reviews, these are excellent stsrting point. Just check it out.

MyLot is a good site to gain experience as a writer. You can review almost anything ; insurance, travel, shops, cameras, computers .........the list goes on . You get PAID for your REVIEW!. Isn't that COOL! I am still writing reviews for them.

More info HERE on their site .

How to make Rm28,000 from blogs in 6 months.

Written on Friday, May 29, 2009 by J.Allan

Heard about the $3.00 home busine$$ ?

Life is looking pretty good and I am looking forward to the future with full confidence. However this has not always been the case just barely 6 months ago. How I made the Rm 28,000 in the last 6 months was actually a typical trial and error case. I was practically broke and penniless. I surf the net and Google my way for 3 straight days and nights. All I find was countless sites, blogs and ads which promises "rags to riches" money making schemes. One said you can make Rm160k a month, that's about US $45,000 in one month!. Another promises Rm90k or US $25,000 a month! Lets face it, if the picking is so darn good, why on earth are they selling e-Books for Rm 50 a piece !

The so called "gurus" of the West starts sprouting like mushrooms all over the web. Not a single corner of any web page that doesn't have a money-making scheme. If you are brave enough to hit the "search" button on our good ole' uncle Google, you will know what I mean. I was brushing these sites off like flies to honey; but these "pop-ups" keep coming.

Then, I found a fantastic site from our neighbouring country down south that says I can make money in Singapore dollars if I follow their secrets. Their promises puts me right off. Why ? Because they were promising $S 68,000 a month, that's why. It is still a huge sum by any standards.

My despair drove me to viewing "forums" on the " How To's " from the net. I read forum after forum and suddenly a little bright light out of nowhere, shone onto my sleepy eyes. Just a little light mind you, but bright enough. I ponder for a moment and came to a conclusion. If these "little heroes" can indeed make some money, then why can't I ? Inspiration took over and at last I know where and how to look for promising answers. I started logging my "surfing destinations" and jotted down important ideas which I invaluably learned from my forum heroes and put it all down in ink into my "little red book" which I bought just for this purpose.

Systematically, I categorised each and every step on how I should go about it. I believe I CAN make some money. As to how much, I really couldn't tell. I am not out to earn US$10,000 a month; I will be more than happy to get US$1,000 a month ! It will be Rm3,600 in our local currency, still good money. I think I can comfortably survive with just Rm3,600 a month. Why can't I ? I have already sold 2 of my houses and my 3 cars and presently do not have any liabilities.

$$$$$ ~ $$$$$ ~$$$$$

It has been very hard work for the first 2 weeks. I slept 4 hours daily and ate very little. You should see the big smile on my "torn and worn-out" face, which wasn't very pretty in the first place; when I check on my progress of earnings. It started with US $0.20 cents on the first day and my visitor count was only 2. After 1 week, my earnings jump to US$10.00. I was over the moon because it's working ! I wonder then, how much will I be getting in the months to come. Now my blog is generating its own traffic without much assistance. This was my plan. I want it to earn money for me while I play or sleep. This was 6 month's ago; I had only one blog and one source of money-maker, although it faithfully clock in US$1 or 2 dollars a day for me.Now I have almost 60 blogs and web-sites and each is raking in money; some more than others. About half of them are not earning anything at all. I am now earning more than the anticipated US$1,000 a month ! The good thing is it's still increasing my earnings almost daily.

My income from Blogging and other web-sites is actually more than the Rm28,000 stated above. I only "work" 3 hours daily on my laptop now. Yes, you still have to work a little, only a little.I started all these without any money. All my blogs and web-sites are FREE. I also have 3 Pay pal premier accounts FREE and 4 debit MasterCard's FREE ! My log book is by no means complete. I am still writing down my activities. Many others may also have found their own ways to go about it but I have mine. I wish to pay tribute to some people for their articles; without which I would not have been able to come up with my own plan.For those who are still sceptical about Internet money making, all I can say is....... don't.
Since I am new to this "making money from the Internet" business, I am still getting myself sorted out. I will give some guidelines later on to start you guys off on the right footing.

The Quickest Way
By far the easiest and quickest way is to join an affiliate program. This site offers affiliate programs where you can join and earn BIG $$$ Money! And the irony is you can join for free!

Here is how.
Join this site for free. Join the affiliate program. You have several choices. Either get someone to join for Free membership ( US$2.00 per female member) or choose one of their Percentage programs which gets you US$30 per order or 100% for re-orders!

Its so easy! They pay you every 2 weeks too!

I will tell you another way to earn QUICK CASH next! Just keep coming back to this site for more tips.

Remember, all tips and ideas are quick, easy and free way to earn money!
Some may require a small outlay, but you DON'T have to pay if you do not want to; just register for their free programs. Joining some of the recommended sites might get quicker results but it's all up to you.
I started with Free programs and affiliate programs, you can do the same.

How to create Free websites and make money?

This free webhost enjoys quite a big membership thanks to it large bandwith. It has no forced ads on your site. It is highly recommended.

To find out more , go here: FREE WEBS.

Another favourite of mine will definitely be WEEBLY. Again no forced ads on your site. More information, click on the picture or here WEEBLY.

Create a free website without ads!

$3.00 Home business.

Start your own home business with only $3.00 ? Sounds crazy but maybe you can decide for yourself. After all, if you can really make some money, why not?

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