How to make money from nothing.

Written on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by J.Allan

Of course when I started out, I was totally lost as to how or where to begin. Sure I read a fair bit of articles and I sure Google a lot but to actually begin was something else. I bet even at this very moment many of you still haven't got the slightest idea how to start of the journey. To save you valuable time and put you on the right footing, I will tell you what you should take a look at first and not jump to areas where you see big bucks and fould yourself coming back to aquare one. Those pro-bloggers tells you to go here....and But do you know that the "here" and "here" are forbidden zones? I bet you don't. And how many times the "here" and the "here" you click on leads you to a site of their affiliate programs; hoping you will join. Don't get me wrong, it is only right they misguided you. How else can they make the money themselves? They are giving you free advice and the least you can do is to let them have the privilege to make some money. Lets just say its some sort of "donating" to the service. In another part of this blog, you too will learn the tricks of the trade. You need this source of income! It is part of the internet trade.

Lets take a look at the fundamentals of making money online. Most "gurus" suggest you invest in their system. What I say is "drop it!" If you have to start paying money to begin, you are doing it wrong. You know how you have to start from the very bottom of a job, start learning the skills and later advanced to top managerial positions? In th internet home business, you have to do the same. Of course I have learned a few tricks of my own to jump the queue.

The Pay to Click programs.

I must warned you beforehand that there are lots of scams in this area. I am not against it but be duly careful.Some are legit but many are not. I may have included these in my early days but not anymore. The ones that pay, they do pay .......for a pittance! ALL of them have some sort of scheme for upgrading so that the cost of your pay per click is higher, resulting in higher revenues to you. When you advance to a decent level of expertise, you will discard these methods.
So for now, you can indulge in some of them to get a few dollars into your kitty.
Here are some you can try out.

Is one I participated in and gave quite good pocket money. So far they have paid out $40,000 for members and at any one time there will be 1500+ members online clicking away.

You can find out more HERE at their site or here at PALMBUX.

These sites also pays and depending whether you want pay-to-click or just get paid for writing reviews, these are excellent stsrting point. Just check it out.

MyLot is a good site to gain experience as a writer. You can review almost anything ; insurance, travel, shops, cameras, computers .........the list goes on . You get PAID for your REVIEW!. Isn't that COOL! I am still writing reviews for them.

More info HERE on their site .

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