How to make Rm28,000 from blogs in 6 months.

Written on Friday, May 29, 2009 by J.Allan

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Life is looking pretty good and I am looking forward to the future with full confidence. However this has not always been the case just barely 6 months ago. How I made the Rm 28,000 in the last 6 months was actually a typical trial and error case. I was practically broke and penniless. I surf the net and Google my way for 3 straight days and nights. All I find was countless sites, blogs and ads which promises "rags to riches" money making schemes. One said you can make Rm160k a month, that's about US $45,000 in one month!. Another promises Rm90k or US $25,000 a month! Lets face it, if the picking is so darn good, why on earth are they selling e-Books for Rm 50 a piece !

The so called "gurus" of the West starts sprouting like mushrooms all over the web. Not a single corner of any web page that doesn't have a money-making scheme. If you are brave enough to hit the "search" button on our good ole' uncle Google, you will know what I mean. I was brushing these sites off like flies to honey; but these "pop-ups" keep coming.

Then, I found a fantastic site from our neighbouring country down south that says I can make money in Singapore dollars if I follow their secrets. Their promises puts me right off. Why ? Because they were promising $S 68,000 a month, that's why. It is still a huge sum by any standards.

My despair drove me to viewing "forums" on the " How To's " from the net. I read forum after forum and suddenly a little bright light out of nowhere, shone onto my sleepy eyes. Just a little light mind you, but bright enough. I ponder for a moment and came to a conclusion. If these "little heroes" can indeed make some money, then why can't I ? Inspiration took over and at last I know where and how to look for promising answers. I started logging my "surfing destinations" and jotted down important ideas which I invaluably learned from my forum heroes and put it all down in ink into my "little red book" which I bought just for this purpose.

Systematically, I categorised each and every step on how I should go about it. I believe I CAN make some money. As to how much, I really couldn't tell. I am not out to earn US$10,000 a month; I will be more than happy to get US$1,000 a month ! It will be Rm3,600 in our local currency, still good money. I think I can comfortably survive with just Rm3,600 a month. Why can't I ? I have already sold 2 of my houses and my 3 cars and presently do not have any liabilities.

$$$$$ ~ $$$$$ ~$$$$$

It has been very hard work for the first 2 weeks. I slept 4 hours daily and ate very little. You should see the big smile on my "torn and worn-out" face, which wasn't very pretty in the first place; when I check on my progress of earnings. It started with US $0.20 cents on the first day and my visitor count was only 2. After 1 week, my earnings jump to US$10.00. I was over the moon because it's working ! I wonder then, how much will I be getting in the months to come. Now my blog is generating its own traffic without much assistance. This was my plan. I want it to earn money for me while I play or sleep. This was 6 month's ago; I had only one blog and one source of money-maker, although it faithfully clock in US$1 or 2 dollars a day for me.Now I have almost 60 blogs and web-sites and each is raking in money; some more than others. About half of them are not earning anything at all. I am now earning more than the anticipated US$1,000 a month ! The good thing is it's still increasing my earnings almost daily.

My income from Blogging and other web-sites is actually more than the Rm28,000 stated above. I only "work" 3 hours daily on my laptop now. Yes, you still have to work a little, only a little.I started all these without any money. All my blogs and web-sites are FREE. I also have 3 Pay pal premier accounts FREE and 4 debit MasterCard's FREE ! My log book is by no means complete. I am still writing down my activities. Many others may also have found their own ways to go about it but I have mine. I wish to pay tribute to some people for their articles; without which I would not have been able to come up with my own plan.For those who are still sceptical about Internet money making, all I can say is....... don't.
Since I am new to this "making money from the Internet" business, I am still getting myself sorted out. I will give some guidelines later on to start you guys off on the right footing.

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