How to earn weekly cash.

Written on Wednesday, July 01, 2009 by J.Allan

Want to try out a new program that pays you money weekly? It's too early to say if it's a scam site but then again, if they really pays you ans its free, why not give it a try? It cost you nothing, so might as well get some cash first.

Although I find it hard to believe since it is a free program, I register to find out more. What amazes me is unlike others where there are only 4 or maybe 5 ads to click, this one started with 35 ads I can easily click away. You are credited with either 1 credit, if you only need to visit the site, or a full 3 credits if there are adds.After click away, I got almost 145 credits! How much in terms of money I wasn't sure but its sure a lot of credits!Later after maybe 4 hours after my last visit, I went in to check my account, I had another surprise! They put up the same 35 ads again and I am qualified to click again! So I click away of course. Shame I didn't know how much my credits are worth but it was answered the next day.When I logged in, my credits were all transferred into cash points! They have credited $0.35 cents into my account! Now if I can earn $0.35 cents in just a few minutes a day, it can easily add an extra $10 - $15 into my pocket without much effort.

The cash out is $5.50 each week via Paypal.You can register for this amazing site to try out. Just go click HERE to find out more, there is nothing to lose but to earn $10 - $15 for a few minutes of clicking is welcome!Why not click here to quickly join and start making some real quick cash for FREE!

Do you want to be paid to post your comments?
Yes, they pay you to join in to their forums! And you also earn referral fees as well! Since their early launch, as many as 175,000 people has taken up the opportunity to participate. If its legit and FREE, who doesn't want to join?
Two ways of getting paid from them. Either join a discussion or write small review (4 paragraphs) and get paid $2.00! The link to this , click HERE.
Payment via Paypal. To get free Paypal account, click Here.

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